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Our earth was created as a clean planet and people lived healthier and longer. Gradually, earth become contaminated and this affected the lives of its inhabitants . Industrialization was a revolution in economic terms, but, it was accompanied by unwanted by-products like water and air pollution.

We have been gifted with beautiful bodies , but it is our responsibility to maintain them.our lifestyles often become hindrance in leading a healthy life.

Dust, pollution, water contamination etc. Produce toxins, in our body, the food we eat is adulterated as chemical fertilizers are used in the cultivation of crops. The colours, spices and chemicals in the junk foorwe eat also cause the build up of toxins in our bodies.As toxins get deposited in different part or our bodies, we grow weaker unless detoxification takes place.

Tumours grow in our bodies. Cancer, diabetes, asthma and other ailments can wreak havoc with our lives.

Normally sweating is a detoxification process , but, today people lead busy lives in the comfort of home and office and seldom find time for exerting energy. There are about 6 lac pores in a human body, but they get blocked because of pollution. This can create pressure or the kidneys for detoxification.

Gillgal bathing concepts has on offer a solution through steam baths. Branded aavi,these steam baths make you sweat which can boost your immune system and increase your metabolism. They can provide relief from sinus, joint pains, asthma, cold etc.